Looking for a bit of mystery and intrigue in your life? 

If you believe you got what it takes to solve a mystery, apprehend a cold hearted killer or even get away with murder?  Look no further as Bepartofthemystery.com can give you the opportunity to use your imagination and transform your current reality into an exciting scene where you are caught up in a world filled with danger, secrets and scandal!  
The perfect murder mystery game is ready for you to solve! Imagine you and your guests dressed up to the nines, suspiciously eyeing one another, the murderer cracking jokes to subvert the truth while you deftly scheme to entrap the guilty in their own lies!
Here you can choose your perfect mystery game.  Your options; host your own event or  consider adding a mystery service package to your experience and allow us to take care of everything for you.
If you live in Cape Town attend one of our 'open to the public' murder mystery events. Once a month explore our cities sumptuous culinary experiences while solving crime with friends or colleagues - find the date for an event taking place near you and meet like minded mystery enthusiasts.